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Upcoming Events 2021




Nutritional management of blueberry
January 27, Online Conference




Fruit Logistics 2021
February 3-5, Berlin, Germany


World Ag Expo
February 9-11, Tulare, CA, USA


February 10-13, Nuremburg, Germany


Soil Analysis to Formulate Fertilization Recommendations
February 11 and 12
Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico



Expo Agro Sinaloa
February 17-19, Culiacán, SIN, Mexico


Classification and Management of Fungicides
February 19, Celaya, GTO, Mexico


Walmart Expo
February 24 and 25, La Guácima, Alajuela, Costa Rica


Restaurant Show Canada
February 28, 29, 01, Toronto, ON, Canada




International Biocontrol Industry Symposium Spring Meeting & Conference 
March 1-4, Monterey, CA, USA


Greenhouse Tomato Short Course
March 1-2, Raymond, Mississippi, USA



Annual Fruit Ripening & Ethylene Management Workshop
March 1-2, Davis, CA, USA


Agro Baja 2021
March 3-5, Mexicali, BC, Mexico


High Yield Corn Production
March 3-4, Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico


FoodEx Japan
March 8-11, Makuhari Messe, Japan


Natural Products Expo West
March 9-13, Anaheim, CA, USA



Global Berry Congress
March 14-16, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Food ExpoANTAD
March 16-18, Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico


Greenhouse Crop Production + Engineering Design Short Course
March 20-25, Tucson, AZ, USA





International Congress of Horticulture, Fasagua
April 6-8, Guatemala, Guatemala


CPMA Convention and Trade Show
April 12-14, Calgary, AB, Canada


SIAL Canada 
April 13-15, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Integrated Management of Urban Pests (Certification 0146)
April 14-16, Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico



From 21 to 23 April 2021


April 25-29, Ribeirão Preto, São Paolo, Brazil





PMA Fresh Connections Mexico
May 11 and 12, León, GTO, Mexico


PMA Foundation Executive Leadership Symposium
May 11-13, Dallas, TX, USA


Symposium on Management of Nematodes in Vegetables
May 12-13, Culiacán, SIN, Mexico


Advanced Course on Greenhouse Vegetable Production
May 19 and 20, Culiacán, SIN, Mexico


American Food Fair
May 21-24, Chicago, IL, USA


Organic Vegetable Production Symposium
May 24 and 25, Culiacán, SIN, Mexico





Postharvest Technology Short Course
June 13-24, Davis, CA, USA


International Symposium on Tomato Diseases
June 13 to 16, Malaga, Spain


National Congress of Fertigation and Nutrition in Vegetables
June 15 and 17, Culiacán, SIN, Mexico


Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops Short Course
June 20-23, Davis, CA, USA


United Fresh
June 20-23, Chicago, IL, USA


Summer Fancy Food Show
June 26-28, New York, NY, USA




International Congress of Applied Plant Nutrition and Physiology
July 6-8, Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico


International Tomato Congress
July 20-22, San Luis Potosí, SLP, Mexico


PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo
July 29-31, Monterey, CA, USA




AMHPAC Annual Congress
dates and location to be determined


High-yield sorghum and soybean production
August 18-19, San Luis Potosí, SLP, Mexico


Aug 29 to Sep 1, Mexico City, Mexico





Asia Fruit Logistics
September 7-9, Hong Kong, China


Fresh-cut Produce: Maintaining Quality & Safety Workshop
September 13-15, Davis, CA, USA



International Course on Fertigation
September 22-24, San Luis Potosí, SLP, Mexico


Biofach America All Things Organic
September 22-24, Baltimore, MD,



 EXPOAlimentaria Puebla 

October 5-8, The Kings of Juarez, Puebla



Food Expo Gto 2021

14-17 Nov, Irapuato Guanajuato

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